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With everything going on in the world right now, many people have been forced to work from home until further notice. While some people have worked from home before, others may find it to be a challenge. The challenge may have a different look for different people. Figuring out how to start your workday while you are at home may be the first hindrance. Finding a way to stay focused enough to actually get work done while at your “desk” (which might be your sofa or even your bed) could be an issue. Not to mention, the various distractions that call out to you any time you are at home (television, Facebook, dirty dishes, laundry). Here is some advice to get your workday moving as usual, despite any challenges.

First, keep a somewhat regular schedule. Set your alarm before you go to bed to go off at the time you want to wake up and get started, preferably your normal time. If you want to allow a few minutes of “down” time before you get into your work routine, feel free to do so. After all, that could be a benefit of working from home. Jump in the shower, make some coffee, or eat some breakfast. Then, get dressed for work (not necessarily business formal) but wear something comfortable that also makes you feel ready to work.

Once you are ready to “go to work,” find a space to set-up your “office.” Need help? Here’s a great work-from-home checklist.  Some of you may have a home office already, so problem solved. If you do not have a home office, you can simply figure out a way to make one by designating a space in your house. The kitchen table, the counter, or even the sofa with a coffee table or chair as a desk would be sufficient. As long as you have a specific space to get your work done, that’s all that matters. Minimize distractions–turn off your television, put your phone on silent or vibrate mode, ignore your household mess.

Then, Get Started! Starting is often the most difficult part so just do it! Follow your regular workday schedule as closely as possible though you will probably find that once you’re in the “zone,” you can accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time! Work until you normally would or complete the required tasks as usual. At your regular break time, take a break, or if your workplace allows, skip your break so you’ll finish earlier.  Make yourself lunch and eat during your regular lunch time, or work while you eat–it all depends on how YOU want to operate (unless your company has a specific plan for you).  After lunch, get right back to work!

Before you know it, your work day will be over. So, leave your designated office! Put everything away, slip into something comfy, and relax! You did it.

Now, just keep it up for the coming weeks! Who knows, you may end up loving your new work-from-home job and find a way to continue it into the future


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Ellie Salyers

Ellie Salyers

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