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If networking isn’t your thing, you’re not alone. Networking is difficult for a lot of people and the thought of it can be enough to make you want to stay at home.

However, networking has so many benefits. Growing sales, getting your next job, finding playdates for your kids, connecting to the love of your life and even getting the career of your dreams are all positive benefits from having the right circle.

Knowing how to network the right way, can make networking a lot less painful and tons more valuable. Here are a few quick tips:

1. Start Small

If networking is difficult and overwhelming, start small.  If you aren’t comfortable with a large group of strangers, try smaller events or meetups.  Getting to know people in a smaller group can be a lot easier than getting lost in the shuffle of a large gathering.

Not ready for a big networking event? There are tons of ways to network without going to a networking event.

You don’t have to jump into a 200 person event. Practicing with smaller meetings and regular everyday places you frequent, will make networking easier and won’t seem as daunting over the long term. This way, it’s easy – just go have fun!


2. Listen and Take Notes

If someone mentions an interesting company they work for or product they use, take note because this may be valuable information later on when looking for new business opportunities.

You don’t have to look like a reporter, but remember to jot done interesting things about your new connection so that you can remember where you met them and how you can solve a concern they had.  Also remembering fun things about what they like to do is a great way to have them remember you when you meet again.

Tip. Write it down as soon as possible. If you exchange cards write key ponts on thier business card, or make a note with the contact record if adding to your phone.

3. Be Prepared

If you are hoping to grow your business or advance in your career, knowing what you are talking about is important. Make sure to stay up on your knowledge.

Kind of shy? Come up with some icebreaker questions to ask people while networking. You might want to come prepared with some tips or hacks that could help someone else.  It never hurts to know more about what might interest your potential audience.

Another big thing that people may miss is to make sure you can answer any question that someone may ask you about yourself, your career or your business. Responding confidently about your product, work history or yourself inspires confidence in the person you’re talking to. Stay ready for success!

4. Find Your People

Make networking more enjoyable by finding people with similar interests to your own.

Have a hobby?  Find a meetup and connect with others who share your interest.  You will have common things to talk about and you grow your circle.  Great places to start are local meetups, gyms and other places you do the things you love.

Key takeaways: Networking isn’t always easy but there are plenty ways to make it less stressful. Come prepared with some icebreaker questions, know your target audience ahead of time, find someone who shares common interest with you, or even just limit how much networking you do each week.

With these tips on hand before networking you’ll be networking like a boss in no time.

Want to always have the perfect thing to say, at your fingertips?

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You also get the download “From Hello to Here’s my Card In 2 Minutes” . This quick step-by-step script will keep you cool as a cucumber. Download it to your phone and you are ready for any situation.

There are so many amazing opportunities and fun adventures waiting for you.  Make the amazing connections to help you thrive!

Michelle Price- Johnson

Michelle Price- Johnson

Founder, Success Lab HQ

Michelle is a sought after broadcast consultant who made the pivot from helping build companies by buliding people, to helping people build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.  michellepricejohnson.com